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My Story

My name is Chris Bednar and before March 2015, I felt as if my life was going nowhere. I was failing my college classes and shortly dropped out of school. I was incredibly fat, unhealthy, plagued with social anxiety and felt alone. I didn’t have any meaningful relationships with anyone and women never even looked in my direction.

One day, I decided to make a change that would alter the course of my life forever. One day, to my surprise, I was invited to a trip to the beach with a welcoming group of people and I had a lot of fun. However, it also made me realize how uncomfortable I was with myself. I realized towards the end of the trip that I would never feel different about my life if I didn’t change my actions. I would always feel like shit if I kept treating myself like shit. But, if I changed how I treated myself, I could change how I felt.

This is the moment that I decided to lose weight. Once I got home from this beach trip, I made a plan and I stuck to that plan. Feeling a lot better and more confident with myself as I progressed through my weight loss journey, I decided to go back to school as well.

It took me one year to accomplish the weight loss transformation seen in my original weight loss video. Ever since then, my growth as an individual branched out into other aspects of my life besides fitness. I have improved my general mindset about life, my career, success and money. In 2015, I never would have imagined myself living on my own, owning a Tesla Model 3 and becoming a successful software developer.

In December 2017, I also made the switch to a plant-based diet and eventually became vegan because I realized that it’s not fair of me to subject feeling creatures, just like us, to unnecessary pain and suffering. Not contributing to animal cruelty is better for the animals, but it’s also better for us and for the planet that we share.

That being said, my life journey has only just begun and I have a lot more that I can accomplish and learn in my life.