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30 Minute Weight Loss Conversation

30 Minute Weight Loss Conversation

When I was starting my weight loss journey, I wish I had someone I could have talked to that actually experienced and lived through the very thing I was trying to accomplish. Whenever I faced an issue, I had to spend hours on the internet and YouTube learning from different people. The quality of information on the internet can sometimes be questionable which makes the process of figuring out answers even harder. The information about diet and health can be overwhelming and sometimes even contradictory. This is obviously time consuming for someone who has a family, is a full time student and/or has a full time job. This is why I'm offering the opportunity to have a one-on-one, in-depth conversation with me for 30 minutes.

My goal is to have you feeling motivated and armed with the knowledge required to accomplish your goals. We will define what your goals are and outline a plan of attack to accomplish those goals tailored to your very specific lifestyle and circumstances. I will tell you exactly how I would approach weight loss if I was exactly in your situation. You will also have the ability to ask me any questions or have me talk about any topic that you are interested in hearing about. The sky is the limit.

Once you complete payment, I will be reaching out to you via email to get the process started! If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to reach out to me: [email protected]


Chris’s transformation story was always a huge inspiration to me because he was an average every day guy that was able to transform himself with hard work dedication and knowledge.

After getting a chance to reach out and have a consultation with Chris, I was able to ask all the right questions to get on the best path myself in order to have myself and also my family become fit and healthy.

The advice that he was able to give me was very effective but also simplistic and easy to follow. His results were amazing and I know if I continue to follow the same principles that he gave me, mine will continue to be as well!

- RJ


To get an idea on the kind of advice I can give you, the people below were able to make some impressive lifestyle changes with the simple advice that I preach: