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14 Day Weight Loss Kickstart

Since it’s the new year, I’ve decided to create a simple guide you can follow to kick start your weight loss journey. In a nutshell, the best way to lose weight is to implement habits into your life that are easy to remember and easy to adhere to. These new habits should not be incredibly challenging nor should they be too easy. If they are too easy, your progress will be slow. If they are too hard, you will not be able to maintain them. You need to find habits that are just on the fence between being too hard and too easy. Weight loss is more likely to occur with time and consistency. Intensity, however, is less important, which is why making a habit easier is always better than making a habit harder.

In this guide, you will receive 14 unique challenges to be completed each day. If you successfully complete all of the 14 challenges, you will find that you will end up a couple of pounds lighter and feel healthier and more motivated to continue the journey. It also serves as a way of introducing you to the numerous habit changes that you can make.

This guide is not for you if you are looking obtain massive results really quickly. Fast weight loss, is not healthy, nor sustainable. I’d argue that the ultimate goal of weight loss is to maintain a healthy weight without even needing to think about dieting for the rest of your life.

While this guide may not get you massive results fast, this guide serves as an excellent foundation for living the rest of your life at a sustainable and healthy weight. If you start following the principles of this guide and my guide on motivation and habit change, you will lose a substantial amount of weight in a year’s time and you will never gain a bunch of weight back.

Here is the free download: 14 Day Weight Loss Kickstart.pdf